Outdoor behavioral healthcare is the prescriptive use of wilderness experiences by licensed mental health professionals to meet the therapeutic needs of clients. Outdoor behavioral healthcare is a relatively new field in the treatment of adolescents struggling with behavioral, substance abuse, and mental health issues and the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council has been instrumental in facilitating research to study the efficacy of this treatment modality.



“The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) was created in January of 1999 to serve as a national resource for programs and professionals assisting young people beleaguered by emotional and behavioral difficulties. The Association is governed by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors comprised of representatives from the NATSAP membership”.

OutcomeTools was created in response to challenges faced by members of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs in their efforts to perform outcomes research. The system is designed to simplify the administration process and increase response rates.



Since the early 1990s, OQ Measures outcomes have been recognized as one of the leading outcome tracking methodologies. OQ Measures outcomes are used for quantifying and evaluating the progress of mental and behavioral health therapy. OQ Measures outcomes are some of the most researched outcome measures in the world for adults, children, and groups, as well as clinical support tools that provide additional insight about each case and assist with treatment planning.



Petree Consulting provides expertise and tools for organizations to conduct large-scale outcomes research studies, implement feedback informed treatment, and meet the Joint Commission standard for progress monitoring. They have been involved with national associations to help gather reliable data.



Pine River Institute (PRI) offers adolescents and their families room for hope. The first and only program of its kind in Canada, Pine River uses a four-stage approach to treatment: wilderness, residence, transition and aftercare support. Combining therapy with a fully-accredited education program, Pine River reinforces the healthy life skills required for a successful future.

Ongoing evaluation and outcome analysis are built in to PRI vision and mission, and they are leaders in this area. In addition to process evaluation (inquiry, admissions, and program engagement), client-centered outcome evaluation is central to the Pine River program. The data collected from PRI families allows the program to understand the health and behavior of youth and their families before and after Pine River, including quality of life, functionality, and substance use information.



The Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) is a not-for-profit, international professional association representing experienced independent educational consultants. IECA works closely with the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) on their research initiative to track clients before they are placed into treatment.



Young Adult Transition Association

YATA promotes young adult residential transitional schools and programs that support issues and practices of common interests and enhance the quality of care for young adults and their families.

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